** Biosemiotics 3 - Copenhagen 10-14 July 2003 - **

"Evolution of meaningful information generation through the evolution of life"

Christophe Menant - Bordeaux - France - (crmenant[at]free.fr)


1) Information and Meaning. Meaning Generator System (Biosemiotics 2)

Fig 1. Generation of Meaningful Information

See http://crmenant.free.fr/Tartu/Index.htm and http://crmenant.free.fr/ResUK/index.HTM

MGS based on meaning generation in elementary life (Constraint: Stay Alive).


2) MGS evolution: Basic Life, Pre-Human Primate, Human

Fig 2. Evolution of MGS and evolution of constraints


3) Anxiety Limitation as new constraint in Pre-Human

Fig 3. Anxiety limitation as new constraint for pre-Human primate


4) Conclusion and continuation